Different types of plantain recipes can be introduced into the line of menu offered in ‘eat in’ and ‘take away’ points like restaurants, fast food joints, hotels, etc. This may increase influx of customer as well as guarantee customer satisfaction because, there is an increase in the variety of menu items they can choose from.

What is most important here is to know your customer’s demand and taste behavior pattern and stick to what they like the most. This will take me to the different ways by which plantain can be prepared so as to acquaint you with the different ways it can be explored.

Different Ways of Preparing Plantain Meal

1. Plantain can be boiled and served with fish sauce.
2. Plantain porridge and vegetable
3. Cooked unripe plantain (good for diabetic patient)
4. Fried ripe plantain is hot oil to form chips (plantain chips)
5. Fried meshed plantain in hot oil to form tostones or patacone
6. Plantain can be roasted and eaten with groundnut
7. Ripe plantain can be sliced and fried in hot oil (called dodo in Nigeria). It can be eaten with rice or beans or fried egg.
8. Unripe plantain can be produced into dry flour and then prepared into plantain flour meal (also good for diabetic patient)
9. Ripe plantain can be eaten raw just like banana.
10. Plantain can be produced into fruit drink or alcoholic drinks

Even the juice in the shoot of plantain tree can be produced as drinks. This drink is a cure to food related diseases e.g. Stomach ulcer and kidney stone.

This can be a sort of incentive for customers giving you an edge in the drive for competitive advantage.


The recipe for preparing the above commonest ways of taken plantain differs from one country to the other. Below is just a brief recipe formulation in Nigeria.
1.      Boiled plantain and fish sauce: Plantain, fresh fish, vegetable oil, salt, seasoning, onions, tomato, pepper
2.      porridge: Plantain, vegetable leaf (ugwu), salt, palm oil, dry pepper, fish
3.      Fried ripe plantain: plantain and oil, salt, chilly, ginger
4.      Fried ripe plantain: plantain, oil, salt, onions (optional), dry  pepper, ginger (optional)
5.      Mashed plantain:  Plantain, salt, oil, seasoning, pepper (optional)
6.      Roasted plantain: plantain, salt, pepper (optional)
This is just a few, try other available options and stick with what works best for your customers. Get the advice of experts in your area should you need more options . Contact me  in any area I can serve your needs. Be the best.

Image credit: amazingsandwiches