Plantain Chips eBook (Free Copy)

You can make N200,000.00 net profit on monthly basis by simply investing in plantain chips production business. If you follow the step by step process outlined in this book, you’ll make more than N50,000.00 net profit within the first 4weeks of operation and within 3months you’ll be making N200, 000.00 net profit monthly.

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6 reviews for Plantain Chips eBook (Free Copy)

  1. Agu chiamaka

    Been looking forward to starting my own chips business in school. Am positive this post will help me

  2. ogaga

    Nice article, great writeup

  3. Agari Onome

    This is just what I need. Nicely written nicely done

  4. Ibilola


  5. Ahmmed

    It is a good business and it has been in my mind since but till looking for a way to start it thank God for this ebook and I know it will bless me more

  6. Ahmmed

    I love it

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Why You Need to Invest In Plantain Chips Production

Plantain chips business is beginning to transform to the boom days of cachet pure water in Nigeria. Who would have thought that the business could enjoy the patronage it get today even when more and more people find it lucrative to invest. Do not be cut off guard.

The business of plantain chips production is just the same. The rate at which Nigerians consume plantain is alarming.

A visit to Idi-oro or Ketu fruit market will convince you, where on daily basis about 10 lorry loads of plantain are dispatched on each market locations and by 1-2PM you hardly can get plantain to buy from suppliers directly.

Though the mode of consumption differs, but plantain chips have been known statistically to take the largest share.

The nature of Nigeria terrain, the busy schedule of average Nigerian especially people in Lagos, Ibadan & Port Harcourt and the way plantain chips is packaged couple with it’s natural nutrient composition, all culminated to make plantain chips widely consumed by all and sundry irrespective of class structure.

In fact, plantain chips are important composite snack food in high demand in Nigeria market and beyond. They readily appeal and satisfy the youth, working class and adult population who have developed taste for it.

Most people can not afford the luxury of regular menu (like eba, rice, beans, amala, etc) during busy working hours, hence they buy this product in shops, go-slow and kiosk. More so, plantain chips serve as better alternative to flour base snacks.

Even school children now have taste for plantain chips. It is cheap and sweet. With N50 naira, you can get a pack. The market potential is indeed huge.

Also, the production process is simple, requiring very little equipment and space to start. As a matter of fact, you can start plantain chips production from the comfort of your kitchen. Chifles started that way, today they are multi-million international company.