The automated production of plantain chips is the best way to catch into the business opportunity in the making of plantain chips. This process is simply the application of machines employed to handle production processes from peeling to packaging stage while skilled and trained production staffs oversee strategic positions to ensure uninterrupted flow. Automated production of plantain chips is an assemblage of machines that perform specific functions joined together by convoy to form a complete unit. So, the stages that make up the manual process of making plantain chips is still intact in automated process.

peeling — slicing — blanching — frying — application of ingredients — cooling — packaging
Machines and their functions

Plantain Chips Production Line
Below are some of the component parts that make up a complete set of automated plantain chips making machine.

Slicing Machine – Slices plantain at predetermined thickness, 3-8mm
Blanching Machine/Water dehydrator- Reduces starch and moisture content of plantain. This aid proper separation and easy fry.
Dip fryer with heater- To fry sliced plantain.
Oil extractor Machine – To extract excess oil after fry
Seasoning Machine – Add formulated ingredients or seasoning.
Coolant- Cool plantain chips to ambient temperature before packing
Automatic packaging machine – Form pouch, Pack, label and seal plantain chips.

This method has a very high production turnover rate with up to 250kg/hour of finished product capacity. The machine is a bit expensive ranging from 15-30 million naira, but it really worth this price if you ask me. Should you want to procure this type of machine, contact me or follow this link to automated plantain chips machine  fabrication company.

Image credit: indiamart