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We take away the stress of plantain chips production while you enjoy your life marketing your product. Make your request now!

    Just imagine a situation where you do not have to worry about the enormous cost of the equipment needed for the production of quality plantain chips, the factory space, the hassles associated with procurement of raw materials like plantain (early morning market), vegetable oil, gas and other ingredients.

    You make your request and it is delivered to you while you package it to your desired pack sizes or even request that we package it for you and then get your product straight into the market.

    Yes, it is that easy!

    All you need to do is to tell us the quantity of plantain chips you want and pay only for the raw materials. Yes, you heard me right.

    Only the cost of raw materials you’ll have to pay. And if you have the raw materials already, you can send it to us except plantain, gas and vegetable oil.

    Cost of Raw materials

    Below is the cost breakdown of the raw materials needed for the production of a bag of plantain which is about 30 – 40kg.

    Raw Materials Quantity Price
    Plantain 1 Bag (30 - 40kg) ₦22,000
    Vegetable oil 5 litres (needed to fry 1 bag of plantain) ₦12,000
    Gas 4.2kg (needed to fry 1 bag of plantain) ₦5,460
    Salt - ₦400
    Ginger - ₦500
    Onions - ₦300
    Sugar (optional) - ₦1500
    Honey (optional) - ₦2000
    packaging materials (optional) - -

    Output from a Bag of Plantain (40kg)

    The output from a bag of plantain of about 40kg is 11,000 grams (11kg) which is approximately 9 bowls of 4litres paint rubber (also equal to 20pieces of big plastic jar container of 500 grams net weight).

    We help you with the above computation so that you can have a clearer view of the cost of production and use the information to formulate projected profit and loss account.

    We make it easier and stress-free to start plantain chips production business.

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      Remember, we also produce plantain chips for people who want to serve their guest plantain chips during wedding, birthday, house warming, wedding anniversary, etc. We customise the label to suit the need of the celebrants. Order yours today.