Peanut Batch Deep Fryer (Electrical)

Our deep fryer is good for peanut business and it comes with tilt-up system for easy carriage of the content in the basket.

The unique feature of this fryer is in its tilting system that enables off-loading of large volume products in a single stroke after frying uniform & consistent product quality.



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Additional information
Weight 130 kg



Our peanut electrical deep fryer is durable, made of stainless steel material and very efficient heating elements. It comes with digital thermostat that regulates preset heat values.

The tank can accommodate about 170litres of oil.

  • Electricity cost is normal
  • Automated temperature control that provide better and consistent product quality.
  • Highly Environment friendly process. (No noise & air pollution).
  • High hygiene quotient


  • Easy maintenance
  • Long working life
  • High performance
Capacity 100-1000 Kg/hr
Element Capacity 18,000Watts
Machine Type Semi-automatic
Material Stainless Steel
Brand Frandimore
Oil Holding Capacity 140-170 Ltr

Tilt-up Deep Fryer Manual

1. Connect the main wire to the three phase mems box.
2. Turn on the panel on the machine using the black nub.
3. Set the digital temperature control to desired level.
4. The green light indicator comes on. The green light also indicates when the probe regulates the temperature level within the tank in consonance with the setting on the digital temperature control system.
5. You also have the option to preset the time delay/interval of the temperature input.
6. Ensure there is oil in the tank before the machine is switched on.
7. Make sure the tap at the bottom left of the tank is locked/closed before filling the tank with vegetable oil.
8. Let the oil cool to ambient temperature before covering the tank after use.
9. Put a bowl below the collecting funnel attached beside the machine.
10. Do not fill the tank to the brim to avoid spillage during frying.
11. Make sure the machine is disconnected from the main power supply on the mems after putting off the machine from the attached panel.