There are so many kinds or types of plantain slicing machines that can be efficiently used to kick-start plantain chips production business. Depending on the output you are looking at, the start-up capital and of course the available space will determine the type you will buy.

plantain cutter


It is important to get this machine no matter the level at which you want to start the business. It would make the job easier and the thickness of the chips uniform and hence enhance crispiness and color formation after fry. There are plantain cutters you can get for as low as N2,500.

You therefore do not have any reason whatsoever to slice with knife. Apart from the fact that it will make the process slow, it would not make the chips come out crispy because of haphazard or uneven thickness.

Types of plantain slicer

There are numerous plantain chips slicer ranging from simple to semi-automated to fully automated machines.

Simple Plantain Cutter

Plantain SlicerThey are used manually and supported with a collecting bowl usually placed under the plantain cutter. See example on the image named figure 1.

Semi-automated plantain slicer/industrial plantain slicing machine

These are machines that use rotor panel and motor to perform the task of cutting plantain and potato at pre-determined thickness. They have an opening in which peeled plantains or potatos are inserted and the cutting is done automatically. A collecting bowl is also used to move sliced plantain to the next stage of production.

This is the most effective plantain cutting machine for an average size plantain chips production outfit. Though it is a little expensive, but it is the best option if you want to scale up the business and you can afford it. Some can also be used to slice potato serving dual purpose.

We fabricate these machines – plantain and potato slicing machine. See the test run of some of the ones we have produced for clients. So, you can order this machine from us.

Automated industrial plantain slicer machine

This type of machine is incorporated into several other components of machines linked together to form a unit whole called automated plantain chips processing machine.

Often times, the slicing machine is the first to kick start the process after the plantains have been peeled manually. Conveyor is mostly used to collect sliced plantain to the next stage. Usually, it is the semi-automated plantain cutter that is used in plantain chips automated flow.

A plantain slicer will greatly enhance your plantain chips production business especially the semi-automated type. We can help you get one (semi-automated plantain and potato slicer) if you contact us with a request.