To produce sweetened plantain chips, you need to either get a partial ripe plantain or condition unripe plantain to make partial
ripe. This can be done by covering unripe plantain in an air-tight container or polythene bag for 20-30hrs depending on the heat generated within and the maturity of the plantain.

Ensure you check them at interval after about 20hrs.

Partial ripe plantain has sweet taste both in the raw state and when cooked or fried. So, there is no need to add sugar to the recipe except you want it very sweet.

Even at that, honey should be used in place of sugar. Sugar is not good for adult. If you want to capture larger market segment, don’t use sugar. Just add salt and flavor enhancer (optional).


– Partial ripe plantain
– Salt
– Onion
– Vegetable Oil
– Flavour enhancer (optional)


Wash the partial ripe plantain, peel it with knife gently and slice to shape. Blanch in water, add salt to taste and fry in hot vegetable oil with a whole bulb of onion inside it.

Spread fried chips on cooling table and pack to gram size when it’s cool to room temperature. The color of sweetened plantain chips after fry in light brown.