Plantain and Potato Chips Making Machines Fabricated Locally in Nigeria

Do you know that the biggest gap between you and productivity is equipment? If you want to take your business to the next level, producing more quality products, you need to get machines that can boost your effort.

The good news is, you don’t have to travel far to get these equipment. You also do not have to border about how to get dollars to import the machines from abroad.

We have made it absolutely possible to source all the equipment you need for the production of plantain chips, potato chips, peanut, etc. Equipment like deep frying machines (gas, charcoal, firewood and electrical operated), plantain and potato cutters, de-ioling/dehydrating machine, cooling table, etc.

Guess what? We offer customized services (build machines that match your operation) at the most competitive price you can not get anywhere.

For instance, our deep fryers can be used for the production of plantain chips, potato chips, peanut, chin-chin, buns, puff-puff, meat, etc. The complete set comprise a stainless steel tank, one or two-way burner with stand (gas operated type), diesel burner (electrical operated) frying basket and cover tank. We customize it to meet your specific purpose.


Let us set it up for you from start to finish. We can also manage the business on your behalf. Below are the things we shall put together to make it an operational business:Plantain chips equipment

  • Factory space layout/management
  • Equipment fabrication and procurement
  • Employ and train production staff
  • Source for raw materials and develop vendors
  • Marketing of products
  • Develop profit/loss account
  • Handle NAFDAC registration process

Our Contact Address

Suite B2, Glory Shopping Complex,

225, Idimu Road,

Council Bus Stop,

Ikotun, Lagos.

Tel: +234 905 908 9287

We also stay with you for 2 months to ensure smooth flow of operation and staff adherence to SOP (Standard Operating Procedure).

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