De-oiling Machine

450,000.00 420,000.00

Our multi-purpose De-oiling machine will reduce the excess oil on your chips. Also, it can be used to dehydrate (remove water) sliced potato and plantain after blanching.

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De-oiling machine is very important especially in chips production business because apart from helping to reduce the oil content of fried chips, it also can be used for dehydration purposes.

In the production of potato chips for instance, this machine can be used to remove the water content on the surface of sliced potato chips after blanching in water.

The machine has a larger width frame, made of food grade stainless steel, making it stable when working and has automatic discharge vent at the bottom.

This centrifugal chips de-oiling machine is mainly used in plantain chips production line, potato chips making, peanut and chin-chin production factory. it is generally ideal for removing oil from fried snack food.