The recipe for salted plantain chips is simple and does not require complex SPEC formulation. Salted plantain chips is simply adding table salt to unripe plantain.

This type of chips is preferred by adult and people (customer) who do not like to take sugar (glucose).


Vegetable Oil
Unripe plantain

The Procedure

Get unripe plantain (matured plantain with green cover) and follow the process on manual plantain chips production to the frying stage. Immediately after frying, sprinkle salt on it and shake for even spread.

Spread it on a cooling table and then pack to gram size when it’s cool to ambient temperature. The color of salted plantain chips after fry is golden yellow.

NOTE: It is better to dehydrate unripe plantain before processing. This would make it more crispy with longer shelf-life. To do this, just spread the plantain for two to three days.

Anyone that gets ripe, pick and process as sweetened plantain chips. Also ensure you select the mature and big plantain for salted plantain chips.