Plantain plantation is one of the most profitable agribusinesses in Nigeria. A well planned plantain plantation in a good location with good soil texture and well irrigated platform is a good source of plantain  for market demands such as individual food supply, restaurant, Fast Food joints, plantain chips producers etc.

The demand of this commodity is increasing by the day due to growing urbanization, population explosion and changing food consumption pattern among Nigerians for natural foods.

How can we set up and manage effectively a plantain plantation? Like every other businesses, you need to carry out feasibility study on this type of business in your area before investing and write a business plan on it.

Before starting the business, you need to answer key questions satisfactorily.

How do I get land

Plantain plantation requires large expanse of land. The land should be easily accessible and motor-able.

Plantain sucker

How can I get quality hybrid of plantain sucker with high yield and multiple harvest per year. International Institute of Tropical Agriculture (IITA) is a place to get such quality plantain sucker/seed.

Soil texture

Is the soil texture of the land conducive for optimum plantain growth. Carry out soil test.

Material input

What is the cost of material inputs such as irrigation plan, insecticides, tools e.t.c

Manpower requirement availability

How do I get people to work on the farm. What training must they acquire.

Capital (funding)

What is the required start-up capital and how to source for the money. The business plan should answer this questions.

Market potential

what is the market size. The market size of plantain is huge in Nigeria and the profit margin is also high especially during off plantain season- April-July.Plantain Plantation

When all these are well thought out accompanied with facts and figures, then you can begin to take step to invest in it. In Nigeria for instance, plantain plantation will thrive in areas like Benin, Ore, J4, Okada village, Ondo, Idanre, Owo, Calabar. These areas have relatively good soil with optimum water retention capacity.

Plantain need optimum supply of water and land rich in loamy soil. It also require been shielded from direct wind because, plantain tree is fragile especially when the shoot is about forming and during fruit development.

It reproduces itself, hence you only need to buy plantain sucker just once when you are starting out after which you become manufacturer of plantain sucker too.

However, plantain plantation is a business to invest in going by the global acceptability of plantain and varied usefulness of it’s derivatives.

Most importantly, plantain plantation business can further diversify into production of plantain chips for effective forward integration.

This will ensure prompt supply of plantain with good grip of supply price and ultimately increase effectiveness in the raw material purchases plan.

In conclusion, it is important to consult an agriculturalist for guidance on how to set up a profitable plantain plantation. Contact us should you need help.