Riello Burner for Deep Fryer

The Riello 40 G series of one stage light oil burners, is a complete range of products developed to respond to any request for deep frying equipment. The Riello 40 G series is available in ten different models, with an output ranging from 12 to 240 kW, divided into four different structures.

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All the models use the same components designed by Riello for the Riello 40 G series. The high quality level guarantees safe working. In developing these burners, special attention was paid to reducing noise, to the ease of installation and adjustment, obtaining the smallest size possible to fit into any sort of deep fryer available for construction.

All the models are approved by the EN 267 European Standard and conform to European Directives for EMC, Low Voltage, Machinery and heat outlet Efficiency. All the Riello 40 G burners are fired before leaving the factory, that is test and certify ok.

We also help you install, service and repair any diesel burner produced by Riello or Baite.

BT14L light oil burner, diesel one stage boiler accessory, oil fired burner

  1. Light oil burner.
  2. Single stage operation (on/off).
  3. High pressure mechanical atomisation of fuel using nozzle.
  4. Ability to obtain optimal combustion values by regulating combustion air and blast-pipe.
  5. Maintenance facilitated by the fact that the atomisation unit can be removed without having to remove the burner from the boiler.
  6. Manual flow adjustment.
  7. 0ne flange and one insulating seal for boiler fastening.
  8. Combust on air intake with air flow adjustment device.
  9. Sliding boiler coupling flange to adapt to head protrusion of the various types of boilers.
  10. Adjustable blast-pipe with stainless steel nozzte and deflector disk in steel.
  11. Monophase electric motor to run fan and pump.
  12. Flame presence check by photo-resistance.
  13. Electrfcal plant protection rating Ip40.

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