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7 Secrets to Good Marketing Technique

What is good marketing and what does it entails? We’ve tried to define marketing as the process of identifying the need and desire of a customer and making concerted effort to satisfy them in a unique way at  profit. So, one can simply say good marketing is...Continue Reading.

How to Make Customer Buy your Product

Understanding the buying perception of customer at the point of making purchase underlay the secret of making customer buy a product. This would go a long way to enhance both inbound and outbound marketing drive. Apart from identifying the need of customer, it is...Continue Reading.

Best Products is not the Winning Product

It is surprising to know that the best products in the market is not the sole reason for product success in a competitive market. One would have thought that a product that has been given in-depth research and world class quality should have landmark in the market by...Continue Reading.

How to Become Marketing Guru

Marketing is such an important business function that does not only require proper understanding, but mastering all it’s arts is imperative for business growth. To become a marketing guru is simply about applying the key instruments of good marketing process. From the...Continue Reading.

What is Marketing

Marketing is the soul of business, so we often hear. It has the ability to make a business succeed if done the right way and it can be the only impediment in the wheel of business process when handled with levity. So, what is marketing and why is it so important to...Continue Reading.