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buy provigil in usa Learn web design without the internet. A one-on-one impactful training session just for you.


Have you once wished you could design a website for your business or better still, update and maintain your website all by yourself?

Maybe you wanted to start the business of web development services, designing functional website that converts.

Look no further, apart from the fact that we shall train you on how to use WordPress software (the most popular web development software) to create stunning websites that has the capacity to convert visitors to loyal customer; most of the training shall be done without internet connection. Yes, we would create server environment on your computer and turn it to local web hosting that operates without an internet.

We do this so that you can practice what you learn anywhere at any time. Convenience is our watchword and that is what doing business online is all about.

We shall teach you how to:

– Create functional website with minimal cost and speed using WordPress software.
– Look for and register a domain name.
– Identify the best hosting package and SSL certificates for your website.
– Use WordPress software and why it is better for website development.
– Install WordPress on your site and backup process.
– Identify good WordPress plugins & themes and how to install them.
– Edit HTML codes, tags, PHP and MySQL.
– Common WordPress mistakes and how to avoid them.
– How to develop company website like Koaltec, ecommerce website like Frandimore Online, create a blog like frandimore, create news site like Cherry Africa Magazine, cryptocurrency website like Sleekarena, etc.

Training session runs for three (3) days – Tuesdays to Thursdays every week.

Time: 10AM – 4PM
Venue: LAGOS OFFICE: Suite B2, Glory shopping complex, Council Bus stop, Idimu-Ikotun Rd, Idimu Lagos.
AKURE OFFICE: Hospital Road, Elizade University, Ilara-Mokin, Akure, Nigeria.
Duration: 3 Days (you have access to us anytime, any day after the training)
Cost: N50, 000
Bonus: A domain name and hosting account.
Other training bonus: Online marketing training – Google Adwords, Facebook advertising, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), website analytics training.

FOR ENQUIRIES CALL: +234 905 908 9287

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Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ

Q: Why must I develop website using WordPress?

A: The fact is you need software to develop a site. WordPress is the most popular, reliable and scalable software for website development. Then, over 120 million professional website of prominent and successful people and companies run on WordPress.

Q: Which WordPress do you intend to use?

A: We shall be using WORDPRESS.ORG that requires users to have a registered domain name and hosting package. These give you more control and ownership of your site.

Q: How many people do you take per session?

A: Our training is on one-on-one basis because we want maximum impact. So, we take one (1) person per instructor per session.

Q: What is a session?

A: A session is the whole duration of training per week, which in this case is 3 Days from 10am – 4pm daily. However, you have access to us anytime, any day after the training for mentorship.

Q: Does this training runs every week?

A: Yes, it runs every Tuesdays – Thursdays (3 Days every week).

Q: Can I make payment at the venue?

A: Yes.

Q: Do you accept part payment?

A: Yes, but it has to be minimum of N30, 000 initial payment and the balance paid the next day.

Q: What if I could not pay the balance the next day?

A: Training would be discontinued or shifted to the time it would be convenient for you to pay the balance.

Q: Would I get a refund if I am not satisfied with the training?

A: Yes! You get full refund if you are not satisfied with our training only within 24 hours of initial payment or commencement of training. After this time frame, no refund notice shall be entertained.

But trust me; you shall not have any reason to feel dissatisfied with our training. They are custom tailored to meet your web development needs.

Q: Would I get a certificate after training?

A: Yes, you get certificate of participation.