It is surprising to know that the best products in the market is not the sole reason for product success in a competitive market. One would have thought that a product that has been given in-depth research and world class quality should have landmark in the market by itself.

In the same vein, a beautifully design website with rich content and resource without well planned marketing structures in SEO and SEM can not get a commensurate lead, let alone nurturing the lead generated unto sales and ultimately convert them to loyal customer.

For instance, most people may not be able to afford the price of quality product, but majority of people would pay for product or service that best appeal to their need and these products take the winning position.

How do we know the product or service that appeal to customers. The answer is in understanding the need of people and endeavor to satisfy them with what they want in a manner where magic experience that linger is created.

This implies good marketing is the key because, that is what marketing is all about.

Good quality product or service without maximum marketing to drive the product to people or prospective customer, making them know the how and why they need the product at moderate price may not be the winning product.

While a less quality ones with embedded marketing structures and skill would eventually be preferred to the seemingly best quality product.

In-depth research geared towards the need of customer should be done while contemplating the development of a product, identifying target market and volume.

An online marketer should engage in keyword research for niche identification and the target audience volume should guarantee continue profit sustainability.

Only then can we tailor the best product to reach customer through convenient channels that satisfy their need and expectations all the way.

Francis 'Toke
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