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Sidi Bennour Website maintenance services that take off you the high cost, stress and time constraint associated with effective website management.

Bron What Is Website Maintenance? You might want to ask.

Web maintenance is simply the art of keeping a website up-to-date with fresh and relevant content while ensuring an error free site that could be repulsive to both targeted audience and search engine spider that connect website content with potential customer.

Why Do I Need To Engage In Excellent Website Maintenance Culture?

The days where static website is all you need to attract new customer to your business is long gone. In this modern marketing where customer is the king, they (prospective customer) crave to be educated continually about your product and services they are interested in, which is required to build trust and credibility on your business before they make purchase.

That is why creating a website is just a step towards building online presence. Making the site to attract your targeted audience requires constant update and web maintenance that guarantee lead conversion.

Pause and Give This a Deep Thought

You know website is like a storefront, business face (image) or mobile office. How would it be then if you stop cleaning your office and neither repair nor replace old or broken furniture and fittings? How do you think the people that visit the office will perceive your business? Your guess is as good as mine. That is why you need website maintenance services.

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Don’t Be Cut Off Guard

Any site that does not engage in constant website maintenance activities will eventually be deficient in professional outlook and then lack the features that can make it attract audience and would therefore get outdated ultimately. Surely, you don’t want this to happen. That’s why we are here to help.


Partner With Us

Outsourcing your website maintenance is far cheaper and it can reduce unnecessary time wastage and financial leakages especially when you do not have the required knowledge to know what to do and how to do those things to get the best result. So, why not concentrate on your business while we maintain your website on your behalf.

Our Approach to Website Maintenance Activities

We go deep into analyzing your website to ensure even the minute details are treated so as to make your website very healthy all the time. These include:


  • Proper handling of all technical issues.
  • Inclusion of new features where necessary e.g. Plugin, Widgets, etc.
  • Platform update to new version.
  • Tackling security issues and file back-up.
  • Aligning desktop functionality for mobile experience.
  • Traffic monitoring and reporting.
  • Search engine optimization preference.
  • Social media updates on Facebook, Twitter, Google Page and LinkedIn.
  • Content update, editing and reformation of badly formatted images.
  • Website load time enhancement and site error issues.
  • Broken links detection and correction.
  • And much more.

Why Our Website Maintenance Services Is Different

We Give Price You Can't Beat


Partner With You


Share Your Passion


We Focus On Your Website


We partner with you with the intent of sharing your passion so as to fully understand your business goal and aspirations that would serve as the bedrock for your website maintenance even at highly reduced price.

How It Works

You don’t need to border about the changes you want to see on your website, all you have to do is send us email of all the changes you want to see on it.

With our experienced and creative staffs that work as a team, we shall always ensure these changes are professionally effected on your website within two (2) working days for bulk changes and within 24hrs for minor changes.

More so, you can request as many updates as you desire within a month depending on the plan you choose below. We also give you professional advice we find suitable in the best interest of your website success.

Sign Up Today, Our Website Maintenance Services Fees are Affordable

Won’t you rather let us manage your website maintenance activities while you concentrate on your business effectively? Sign up for the plan that best suit your website demand and budget today.


Occational Updates
  • 3 Updates Request

  • 2 Days Work Duration

  • Free Traffic Report

  • Site Backup

  • 4 Facebook Page Updates

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Daily Updates
  • Daily Updates Request

  • 24hrs Work Duration

  • Free Traffic Report

  • Site Backup

  • Daily Facebook Page Update

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You need a website that can attract, engage and convert your targeted audience to loyal customer who are indeed the catalyst that propels business growth. Your site may not be able to do these except it is updated with fresh and relevant content as much as it’s been maintained on regular basis to ensure it stay clean, visible to potential customer and constantly functional and user friendly to generate leads that could be nurtured through the path of conversion.

What Clients say About Us

You have really removed the headache of having to maintain Nigerian Catholic Reporter website ourselves. That was soothing.

Remi Njoku

Editor-in-Chief, NCR Magazine

Frandimore is simply the best. I highly recommend them for any website design and maintenance services.

Abiona Bimbo

CEO, TravelWithBimbo

It was like a costly venture initially, but thank God we went for it. The updates on Business Journal Newspaper are great.

Prince Cookey

Editor-in-Chief, Business Journal

The Right Time Is Now

This is the time to get the best ROI from your website instead of allowing it turn into another cost that does not add noticeable value to your bottom line.

Let us help you maintain your website while you concentrate on your business day to day activities. You shall be surprised by the targeted traffic this would direct to your business let alone the ‘Look and Feel’ that will make your website design structures relevant, current and fresh at all time.

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