What is good marketing and what does it entails? We’ve tried to define marketing as the process of identifying the need and desire of a customer and making concerted effort to satisfy them in a unique way at  profit.

So, one can simply say good marketing is marketing done the right way. But, there is more to this submission than it is in the real world. No product can sell itself and products and services are offered because people need them.

It then implies that people is the main target to understanding the gimmicks of good marketing. They are the one that need, buy and use products or services.

The earlier we realize the fact that we are in people’s business, solving peoples’ problem the better for our business marketing success. The road map to good marketing is the ability to always do the following efficiently.Good Marketing

1. Help customer in every way possible. We should be ready to provide adequate assistance to customer whether they require it or not. We should view them as though they are complete novice as far as the product or service offered is concern. Help them all the way.

2. Understand your customer. This is key to effective product marketing. Product and services should be tailored to customer specific needs.

3. Relate with customer. How are you treating customer relationship? This should not by any means be taken for granted because, it help us to understand their needs par time. Effective communication channel is a vital ingredient to successful sales conversion in the buying circle and customer loyalty trend.

4. Empathize with customer. Show genuine interest in relation to the product offered and beyond. Seek to know which other areas you could be of help and suggest products or services that are complementary. All these should culminate into sincerely satisfying their needs making the transaction worthwhile.

5. Love your customer. There can’t be other reason to go the extra mile in ensuring customer satisfaction even when it means to go out of the box. This would create an experience that lingers.

6. Contribute to your customer’s life. Create significant impart on customer by making life and business worthwhile in every way possible. Of course, that was the primary reason for the patronage. They really deserve that from us.

7. Add value to every transaction. No two transactions are expected to be the same when applying good marketing techniques. Every little details and specifics count. Ensure customer get real value for their money so as to completely eradicate buyer’s remorse that may set in later.

What secrets do you employ to market your products and services? Share them with us and lets interact on the comment box below.

Francis 'Toke
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