Marketing is such an important business function that does not only require proper understanding, but mastering all it’s arts is imperative for business growth. To become a marketing guru is simply about applying the key instruments of good marketing process.

From the the definition of marketing, we leanrt that it comprises four main cardinal factors that make a good marketing process- Identity the need of customer, Satisfy the need, Uniqueness, Profit.

It implies therefore, we have to know how to effectively harness these key processes to become a marketing guru.

Whether you are a business owner or an employee, you have to flow through this process to get the best from your marketing effort. The pivoting factor in this instance, is knowing what customer want, when they want it and how they want it. How can we really achieve this?

One on one discussion– The best way to know what customer want is by sitting face to face with them and ask. Most of the time we shy away from this even consciously.

Sometimes, we do not want to hear bad report about our product or service. We should seek to know customer’s response to our service through survey and personal contacts. This is the beginning of becoming marketing genius.

Target audience– Integrate data capturing device within your business operation that store customer data. Start one on one research with people that have come in contact with your product, and yet have not bought from you.

Ask why they have not patronize you, what you could do to improve on the product and why they prefer your competitors.(Some prospective customer may not be in the ready-to-buy mode in the trend of buying circle.

So, we must appreciate that fact nurturing them till the time of eventual purchase). This may be hard, but that is the beginning of marketing success.

Feedback structure– Create a consistent feedback structure like website/blog incorporating social media connections where clients, prospective customers and even lost customers could pour out their feelings about your product or services. And respond promptly to complaints with the view of improving service.

Ask the right questions– Skillfully ask questions targeted to improving sales such as; Why did you choose not to buy from us, Is their anything you like about us, What do you like about our competitors, What do you think we can do better, What do you feel we could adopt from our competitors.

Ask as much people to figure out a pattern or the general opinion of people.

Trust your instinct– Most of the time we tend to underplay our marketing abilities that we outsource the responsibility of core market research work. Yet, the best market result is the one done by you, the business owner on ‘one on one’ basis.

This is the only way to understand customer better and it could come with great insight on how to further develop business operations for winning marketing strategies.

These are basically what we need to do to become a marketing guru whether as an employee or business owner.

It is expedient to workout our expertise to reflect good marketing skill. Marketing is all about people and people is all about marketing.

Don’t hesitate to contact us should you need help in this area or maybe you need a website/blog to connect your business with clients and prospective customer, maximizing lead generation through nurturing for consistent sales over and over again.

Francis 'Toke
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