The truth is that Facebook has grown and evolve to become the best platform you can use as entrepreneur to connect and attract new customers.

With 1.3 billion monthly active users and marketing tools like Facebook page, Facebook group that are free and simple to implement, deploy and manage. There is no doubt to the fact that most of your targeted audience congregates on Facebook and you also have all the opportunities at your disposal to connect with them.

However, even though it is very easy to showcase your business on Facebook, it is another thing entirely to engage with your prospective customers. Knowing how they connect, interact and engage with your content is as important as developing the quality product and services you intent to sell.

That is when you can really get the best result on Facebook in terms of ROI. This secret hinges on why people like, share and comment.

You must have seen post updates on your news feed that attracted so many likes, shares and comments. And you wonder how they manage to get those figures and why yours is not as popular even though you adjudged your content better than theirs. That’s the way it played out most times.

The truth is that it takes an art and flowing through the learning curves. Below is an infograph by a seasoned marketer who understands these processes through years of practical experience and geared results that attest to this claim.

Study the infograph carefully and draw up inferences you can apply on your next marketing campaign on Facebook and even other social network platforms.Why We Like, Share & Comment on Facebook

Francis 'Toke
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