There is no doubt to the fact that both SMS and email marketing techniques convert as much customer as would make both startups and multi-national companies include them on their list of campaign tools.

However, the fact still remains that one converts faster, better and higher than the other. Maybe it’s because of their specificity in mechanism and mode of deliverability.

As a startup on small budget, you’ll desire a low-cost campaign with higher conversion rate. That is why the infograph below is important to you. It compares the conversion rate between the two marketing tactics and draws insights on how to leverage effectively on the best performing campaign method.

Though the infograph is promotional in nature, but if you look beyond the fold you’ll understand why you should use one method than the other base on the type of product or services you want to sell.

NOTE: No single marketing technique is superior in isolation. It all depend on the product, expected time of conversion and of course budget. If you’re looking for a low cost campaign with higher conversion rate, Bulk SMS is the sure way to go. Just ensure you get the best Bulk SMS service provider with higher deliverability like KAP Systems.

Francis 'Toke
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