It is about time to get more sales from your mobile visitors in view of the change in Google algorithm in flavor of mobile and responsive websites.

The traffic pull is expected to increase and when it does and your mobile site is not set to funnel visitors on the path of conversion, what happens? Total loss of sales! Ofcourse I know that is not what you wanted or ever wished for.

The fact remains that mobile platform has its peculiar optimization strategy for conversion that is slightly different from laptop and desktop versions. So, even though your desktop version has been greatly optimized for conversion purposes, you’ll still have to tune the mobile version differently for it to convert as much.

For instance, things like “one click through” and “less is more” are some of the peculiarities of mobile platform that users prefer. They are ‘on-the-go’. They needed just brief information that would aid them take decisions.
Below is an infographic by Neil Patel that would help you position your mobile website to convert visitors to customers.

Francis 'Toke
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