It has been proven scientifically that there are best times of the day in which our creative writing prowess is at its peak.

Of course, we would want to cease that opportunity to put up a great blog post for our audience and blog readers so that they get the best part of our creative skill.

Most of the time we might not be careful to notice this optimum performance ability in us, but it’s there right within us. It could even still be dormant yet to be put to use.

For me, I get deep creative ideas and insight when I’m in the toilet. Sound ridiculous? Except, once in a while when ideas will just pop up here and there at anytime of the day. In the same vein, I flow better when I write in the morning.

It’s just about discovering your optimum times of the day because there is always a time of the day the body performance is at its peak. To put this in routine check is to discipline the body to always take advantage of those times of the day to accomplish set task with wholesome result.

Mine is in the morning, yours could be in the night. It doesn’t matter. What is most important is getting to know the best time you can write with lots of ideas flowing effortlessly.

The infographic below by QuickSprout shed more light on the absolute time your body responds to creative ideas which you can cleverly set to write great blog post.

The Best Time To Write Your Blog Post

Francis 'Toke
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