Maybe you have noticed the boom in online retail store business where the likes of Jumia, Amazon, Konga, OLX and others are greatly reaping the dividend.

It has been proven that one out of three online shoppers will stop and buy something online. Why? The answer is simply convenience!

People like comfort and technology has delivered it to us on a platter of gold. It has really altered the way business is done.

Gone are the days where you must get to a local store before you can purchase a product even after researching and convinced about the product online.

The joy and ease of sitting in the comfort of your room to order any kind of product with just your credit card info and the item gets delivered at your door step would continue to propel more people to shop online.

However, there are some impending fluxes that are common among an average online store which have been known to put-off potential online shopper. Issues like poor site navigation, undiscounted shipping price, and delay in product delivery can hamper shopper’s patronage.

We must always remember that convenience is the key indicator why people shop online. As web designer, we incorporate this into ecommerce design navigation.

For instance, the perfume retail website we developed for Aveda Global Store was premised upon this factor.

Below is an infograph by Baynote that further highlight what can be done to help position online retail store as a go to destination for online shoppers.

Francis 'Toke
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