Apart from understanding how to carve content that appeal to the need of your audience on social media, knowing the best time they engage with the content is very important.

Of what use is content that couldn’t get to the targeted audience? It’s just like a website you labored hard to design that people do not know it exist. How would they find it to interact with it let alone generating lead?

It can be frustrating to discover that the effort you put into content creation is not yielding any result. Yet you see people within your niche (competitors) pulling great metrics and also converting majority of those numbers to loyal customer.

Sincerely, I have come to discover that what separates successful content marketer from those trying to find their feet in the market place is that they understood their audience and they also deliver the need of the audience when they are available to get it.

You’ll agree with me that to effectively deliver on the above terms, we have to learn how to understand our targeted audience in and out. Until we truly desire to help our audience, we might not see any significant improvement. This is the foundation of learning the best time to post on social media.

For instance, if you have noticed on this blog, we publish our blog post on Mondays and Fridays between 4-5PM Nigeria time. We also synchronize the posts to deliver on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn at around 5-6PM Nigeria time.

We deliberately post at these time because we discovered from our web traffic analytics that chunk of our audience come from Nigeria 60%, USA 30%, UK 5% and others 5%.

Posting at the above time range would make our Nigeria audience get the post at 5Pm (when they are returning from office and probably fondling with their phone while in traffic) while our USA audience will get the post around 12-1PM during office hours which is still okay.

For better experience, we ensure our site is responsive to cater for Nigeria audience and others that might be compelled to access the content on the go.

You can see that posting is all about understanding your audience through analyzing their routine and working on inferences developed from web traffic analytics.

Most social media platforms have dedicated pages that provide detailed analysis of audience engagement on post. Use it to study how and when your audience engage and interact with your content.

It is worthy of note to say that the number of engagement will differ from niche to niche. What is most important is the conversion ratio.

To further enlighten you on social media post timing, below is an infographic from FastCompany. Please, note that the posting time may differ if you’re not in the USA.

Francis 'Toke
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