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Blog Setup: A Do-it-Yourself Guide

Blog Setup: A Do-it-Yourself Guide It is not a hard task to setup a blog, but it may require in-depth knowledge and creative idea to build a unique blog that look professional. The design structures and navigation path should not alter the site ultimate goal, user friendliness and SEO requirements. All...Continue Reading.

How to Import Blogger to WordPress

Blogger, no doubt is a good platform to learn the art of blogging. That is the way I learnt how to blog. It was helpful because it is a free blogging platform, absorbing me of mistakes made through trial and error. Then, the opportunity to use your own custom domain...Continue Reading.

Tips to a Good Bounce Rate for Website

Website with poor usability is definitely not an indication of a good bounce rate record on Google Analytics. What then makes a good bounce rate for website? The key factor is not in the metrics, but in the connecting purpose of the site. When a website is delivering...Continue Reading.

5 Principles of User Experience You Must Know

It is expedient to consider user experience problems in the course of setting up a website or blog. This should be the starting point of a successful online business journey. After all, the site was setup specifically to serve their needs. So, effort must be geared...Continue Reading.