It is expedient to consider user experience problems in the course of setting up a website or blog. This should be the starting point of a successful online business journey. After all, the site was setup specifically to serve their needs.

So, effort must be geared towards creating an experience that lingers and magnetic. Customer does not really care about website beauty; neither do they care about the cost of running it.

What they care most is how the service you provide solve their problem and the unique experience created while doing so. But many webmasters are yet to configure their website from the angle of the audience. Maybe some do not know or understand what to do to bring about this experience.

In an event of poor usability, leads are lost and bounce rate would inevitably be high. Sometimes, customers are lost while navigating pages of website in the process of getting a task done. This will simply mar the ultimate goal of the site.

In the process of setting up and running of website or blog, there exist best practices that underlay maximum user experience. These principles are embedded within the site structure, yet they are hidden. It takes the experienced professional web designer to incorporate these structures into website design at setup stage.

However, David Richard’s post on Google Adsense titled ‘5 principles of user experience’, unveil these best practices that can bring about the most user experience that will make your website a magnet to visitors and prospective customers. The post is in three parts as seen below.

Click on the one that catch your fancy and read through. You will surely be glad you did.

User Experience Part 1

Two important design tips and techniques to help you identify goals for both your site and its users.

User Experience

How to steer users around your site and how different use cases (desktop or mobile) require different setups.

User Experience Part III

User experience tip and strategies for converting a casual user into a loyal customer.

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Francis 'Toke
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