It is not a hard task to setup a blog, but it may require in-depth knowledge and creative idea to build a unique blog that look professional.

The design structures and navigation path should not alter the site ultimate goal, user friendliness and SEO requirements. All these are important ingredients that need to be applied in setting up a blog or website that is destined to succeed.

To achieve this as beginner, you have to understand some salient principles of blogging. For this purpose, we have outlined a step by step process of blog setup that would walk you through all you have to do, how to do those things and where to get them done.

These are unique articles that have been written to help you with blog setup. We compiled them methodologically in a sequential order with the intent of making it compact for better understanding.

Each step lead to the next until they encapsulate a total blog setup. The tutorials centered on WordPress powered website/blog.

The starting Point
Why start a blog
The importance of blog or dynamic website

Get a Domain Name
Domain name search simplified
How to choose your blog name

Where to Setup Your Blog
Best blogging platform to start a blog or website
How to create a free blog
Self-hosted blog Vs free blog
Why WordPress is the best blogging platform

Register Your Domain Name
How to register domain name
How to point domain name to your blog
How to use your own domain name on blogger

Setting up WordPress Powered Website
You need a web host:
Web hosting guide
How to choose a web host
Web hosting companies to choose from
How to register website with a hosting company
How to point domain name to web host server
How to install WordPress
Need to move Blogger to WordPress?

Make your website look beautiful and professional
How to upload and install themes
Best WordPress themes
How to install WordPress themes automatically
Customize your theme and make it look professional
How to add Favicon to your website

WordPress Plugins
How to install WordPress plugin like a pro
15 best WordPress plugin for beginners

Validate Your Website Design
How to validate your website
Cross-browser compatibility check

Speed up your website
How to speed up your website
15 free online tools to test your website load time

Get customers to visit your website
Free traffic insight
25 Ways to Increase Blog Traffic
How to Increase Blog Traffic Offline
10 Ways to Increase Blog Traffic through Social Media Marketing

SEO Insight
SEO checklist
Install Google Analytics

Guessed you have addition to the above list of Do-It-Yourself guide to WordPress setup OR you would want us to help in any way possible in the installation of WordPress blog setup. Let us know in the comment box.

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