There are different ways by which WordPress themes can be installed on your website depending on the source of the theme. The main methods are – Automatic and Manual.

Automatic method is when you do not need to download and then upload the theme before installation while manual method is when you have to download the theme and then upload it to your site before installation. You can do this either via FTP or through your WP dashboard.

You need a theme whether custom built or pre-made soon after the CMS script upon which you want your website will run is installed. This implies that you must have registered a domain name and bought a befitting web hosting package for the site.

WordPress content management software is so flexible that there are thousands of themes you can choose from right within the admin dashboard. It’s really straight forward and simple.

The system integrated an interface within a page function where themes could be installed without necessarily downloading it before installation.

The procedure involve is so simple that you can guess your way through the installation process without stress. It is however still expedient to take you through the process for the sake of confidence and knowledge.

Automatic WordPress theme installation: The step by step process

The first thing to do is to log in to your admin dashboard.

From the admin panel, go to ‘Appearance‘ and click on ‘Themes‘ from the drop down menu.

WordPress usually come with at least two free themes installed automatically. Most times, these themes may be too limited for the kind of aesthetics you want for your site. Then, customizing any of them may take extra effort and hell of time.

The best idea would be to look for other ones that can provide the features you desire.

To start the search, you have to click on ‘Add New‘.WordPress theme installation

The themes you’ll see are the featured themes which to me are the handpicked ones by WordPress. You may checkout ‘Digital’ if you plan to setup a personal or news blog. You can preview any theme before you install it.WordPress themes

Please, note that these themes are not developed by Automatic (The company that owns WordPress). The themes were submitted to WordPress theme repository by theme developers just like Plugins.

However, if none appeal your fancy, then you may click other options like ‘Popular themes’ or ‘Latest themes’ beside the Featured themes to filter your search accordingly.

The ‘Featured Filter‘ is yet another tool you can use to narrow down your search to the particular theme you want. You can filter base on so many parameters like color, width, sidebar, layout, etc. Play around with it to get the type of theme that can work best for your niche.

It is better to have a particular theme in mind so that you can search for it using the search box at the top right and if the theme is not listed, you can always get something similar.

When you’ve got the theme you want and you are set to install it, just mouse-over the theme and click on ‘Install‘.WP theme installation

On the new page that emerges, click on ‘Live Preview‘ to see how the theme will look on your site or you may click on ‘Activate’ to make the theme ‘live’ on your website.

It is important to choose the theme that will take less time to customize and always do your editing offline locally. You can do this by turning your computer into WordPress server using WAMP.

Note: I discovered that most of the themes listed here are free themes that have the premium version. As much as you can download them for free, it’s better to get the premium version because the free version may contain hidden packages that won’t go down well with your site. It could be incessant advert or malicious code or hidden links.

So, the best thing to do is get the link to the theme developer website where the theme is displayed for sale and purchase the premium version. Apart from the fact that it won’t contain malicious codes and advertisement, you’ll have access to their customer and technical support team in case you need any customization help.

It’s possible to install a theme in error or you might later found out that the theme installed does not really deliver on your expectation.

So, there may be need to delete it. Let me quickly walk you through that.

How to delete unwanted WP theme within the admin panel

Go to ‘Appearance‘ and click on ‘Themes‘.

Mouse-over on the theme you want to delete and click on ‘Theme Details‘.

Look at the bottom right of the page, you’ll see ‘Delete‘ button in red color. Click on it and confirm the delete.How to delete wordpress themes

That’s all you need to do to get rid of unwanted themes on your site.

It may interest you to know how WordPress themes works, their composition and how each files are bundled together to form a unique whole. These were put together on the infographic below by Yoast titled; the anatomy of a WordPress theme.The anatomy of wordpress theme

Do let me know if you find it difficult installing themes yourself. But, I bet you might not need me for that. However, you may need me for other assistance like customizing the theme for a unique look.

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