Yeah! It is possible to sell without really selling. This is somewhat called consultative marketing. The marketing techniques that connect and indulge your targeted customer through the professionalism you display within your industry while playing the role of an un-hired consultant in order to sell your product and services.

People do not want direct selling anymore. That’s why high pitched closing marketing words like ‘Buy Now’ or ‘Grab Your Copy Now’ no longer influence their decision to buy.

Rather, they desire to be taken on a journey of why they should buy the product, how the product works and what is the product comparative advantages.

Answering these questions even before they are asked is a subtle way of soft selling your product and services through the heart of your targeted audience.

The success of this type of marketing hinges on proper understanding of your targeted customer and your ability to foster relationship that is built on trust and sincerity.

There are elements within the behavioral pattern of an average audience that you can leverage to sell without selling to them directly.

These are features Strides help point out in the infographic below.

Francis 'Toke
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