Well, both WordPress and Blogger have their specific peculiarities in terms of blogging platform. Choosing between the two is all about purpose and control.

By purpose, I mean what you want to do with the blog and what you want the blog to impact whether business or personal brand.

On control, I mean the willingness to fully manage your site yourself without fear or timidity associated with third-party interference. This of course, comes with a cost and a task on your professional prowess in online matters, i.e. site maintenance.

The reason why you’ll choose either of these blogging platforms depend greatly on the two reasons given above.

For instance, Blogger own by Google is a free blogging platform with lots of resources that makes blogging so easy. On top of that, you can get custom domain that will mask the .blogspot.com given, the few templates available are responsive, you can also buy premium themes from Blogger theme developers just like what is obtainable on WordPress, web pages are indexed quickly and have the tendency to rank high on SERP (it’s own by Google, so what do you expect), the SEO aspect and site maintenance are managed professionally on your behalf.

All you need to do is compose and publish your post except occasional backup necessary to keep your files save in case of any eventualities. Blogger really is very good strictly for blogging. I have seen people become popular, successful and influential using Blogger. Though they achieve this on personal brand, e.g. Lynda Ikeji.

In the other hand, WordPress on self hosted server seems to be more elaborate than Blogger and WordPress.com in that it has numerous features that could help transform website from mere blog to business website. Unlike Blogger, WordPress is an Open source CMS (Content Management System) where there are lots of contributors working hard to make it the best blogging platform it is today.
Apart from this, you have full control of your site without fear of it been deleted as is the case of sites on Blogger if you violate any of their policies.

Below is an infography by IdYeah that reveals more differences between WordPress and Blogger.

Conclusion: For me, I always go for WordPress whenever I want to build website for business purposes, because it afforded me the opportunity to explore the totality of web creation that lend credence to business brand.

In the same vein, Blogger is very good for blogging and a good place for beginners to learn the art of blogging. That was the place I started my blogging career and I still maintain few blogs on it.

You can continue to use Blogger if all you need is a blog that can make your voice be heard or to project happenings around you to the outside world. Just stay glue to their policy if you do not want your site deleted without notice. This again happens rarely.
WordPress Vs Blogger
Image Credit: Boostoneweb

Francis 'Toke
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