No business survives in isolation. The growth of a business lies in how effective the process of keeping the customer happy and satisfied.

Yes, I know that every business strive to maintain good business relationship with their clients and even try to create magic experiences in-between.

Yet, some customer would still feel unsatisfied. Why?

It’s because you fail to personalize the experience you created around your brand towards them.

It is important to note that no two customers are the same and this requires we study each customer intently from the angle of adding noticeable and measurable value to them.

It is not out of place or business ethics to go out of the normal business transaction to make customer happy and satisfied.

For instance, I took a client out for launch and also paid a taxi to take him back to his office. This wasn’t our usual style of creating magic experiences. But after evaluating this client, we discovered that he was tired and needed a convenient transition from our place back to his office. Not only that, we offered to come to his office whenever we need him to review his site.

After the website was completed, he was over-whelmed and paid us extra bucks just to show his gratitude. We don’t need a soothesayer to tell us that he was satisfied with our services.

What I have come to understand about customer retention especially in B2B is to “ensure we make our business convenient for our targeted audience while personalizing the experience and relationship“.

Below is the inference (in graphical form) of a survey conducted by Vision Critical about “How to keep our customers happy and keep them coming back for more“. Though the survey was done in America, but believe you me, the result cuts across board.

Use it to fine tune your customer relationship engagements while making them happy and satisfied.

Remember, it cost less to retain an existing customer than it is to acquire a new one. What do you think?

Francis 'Toke
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