There is nothing like one size fits all when it comes to content marketing because each strategy has varied impact on your targeted audience.

Applying this marketing mix in the process of connecting your business with prospective client will enhance lead capturing and trust repose on your brand.

For instance, blogging for business (branded content) is good, but using multiple channels in a way that it connect with your audience on a wider spectrum and sources will no doubt yield more result you anticipated.

Content that stem from review have been known to build confidence among audience because these are user-generated content that are seen not to be biased.

Then, the expert generated content that is published about your brand by say journalist has the strongest and highest impact on your business according to an in-lab research conducted by Nielsen.

You cannot afford to concentrate solely on expert content alone just because they produce the best result in terms of brand exposure, garnered authority on your business and build solid trust on your brand.

What happens when your targeted audience visits your site only to found that the content (blog) has not been updated for a long time?
As much as this ‘mix’ is good, it is important to know how they stack-up in your content marketing strategy.

Below is an infographic by JBH that shows the mixology that exist in content marketing and their effectiveness to your brand.

Francis 'Toke
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