It can be pretty hard to search and install the best WordPress plugins you want for specific purposes on your website. This is so because there are thousands of free ones you can choose from.

Apart from this, there are many plugins that offer the same functionality, but differs in varied degrees of deliverability in terms of what they promised.

Some poorly developed ones might even break your site leaving it worse than when you installed them.

You’ll discover that you might have to read reviews, check the ratings, the number of downloads and of course the maintenance trend in order to gauge the effectiveness and deliverability of the plugins you intend to use.

Getting the best WordPress plugin for the purpose you intend to use it for will no doubt add to the functionality of your website which would invariably boost its user experience.

The big question now is; how do I know the best plugins for my site?

Yes, it can be difficult to select the best WordPress plugins your site needs which from experience is a must use if you want to treat your website like a business it should be.

For instance, a free WordPress plugin like WP SEO by Yoast is so versatile in the area of optimizing sites for maximum search exposure on SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages).

All-in-One Schema markup is another plugin that would enable rich snippet on your site when it shows up on SERP. This has the capacity to increase click through rate (CTR).

When you talk about site speed, W3 Total Cache plugin is yet another WP plugin that can help tremendously especially when it is combined with other tools like Cloudflare and Maxcdn.

Please, find below an infograph by Cmstowp that carefully selected ’20 most Popular WordPress Plugins’ that you should not do without on your site. I believe you’ll find them useful for the general health of your site.

Francis 'Toke
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