Magic experience is all about the least expected gesture created on customer in the course of business transaction.


Magic Experience = Expected Value + Unique Care

Where ‘expected value’ is the actual worth of value exchange while ‘unique care’ is the additional service naturally embedded into the flow of transaction that is least expected, but appreciated.

This is the secret to customer loyalty and it has the capacity to grow your business like magic. How do we create such impression within our marketing system?

We must quickly have to remember that we are in peoples’ business. No business for the sake of business because, business is about service to the people. The strength of any successful business is in the pull of customer base. And this prospective customer is you and I.

It is therefore suffice to say that business owner or people in key delegated position should look inwardly into their business pattern as though they were customer in order to find a way of creating genuine magic experience.

How were you treated and how do you feel you should have been treated. What additional service do you think would have been incorporated to better serve you? How are your competitors edging out? What can you learn from them and how can you create your own uniqueness.

These are questions that would better position us to understanding what magic to create and how it should be embedded into our system as though they happen naturally.

As business differs, so are the things that can make magic experience linger in the heart of customer. You can not be in the business of health and fitness for instance and create an experience that is meant for restaurant. Below are magic experiences that could be created around specific businesses.

A Taxi Cab: In this type of business, approach is key and the presentation of the car should be spotless, clean and fully air conditioned. Then, you now offer a mobile phone after your customer is well seated and enjoying the smooth ride should an important call is envisaged.

Also, get choice magazines or newspaper that would help while away time, thus making him or her feel comfortable. Won’t this customer be happy and tell people around him of your service?

Car Dealer: Imagine buying a car at the point of delivery, apart from presenting it crisp clean, a $ 300 worth of your choice music came with it as a gift and a thank you note. Won’t this gesture linger as long as the car and the CD’s stay with you?

Digital Business: How would you view a digital product worth $150 given out free for an anticipated purchase? What about the complete package of software that was given out for a limited time. That is why Nitro PDF will continue to make wave in sales. Or issuu that allows unmatched digital view of published materials.

Blog Business: Imagine a well designed eye-catching and well structured SEO embedded blog and then make it the destination for your niche by virtue of detailed content published to serve audience. Also, imagine giving out a quality digital product you created with a thank you note for finding your site worthy of visit. Surely, the memory of this experience will linger and they will help to spread your brand.

Clothing Store: What about entering a clothing store and immediately you are offered a comfortable chair with warmth greeting that seems a lost friend just re-surfaced. Apart from this, you were offered not just any drink, but chilled drink of your choice.

Also, they later led you on and help you make nice selection and color combination drawn from pull of experience and trend. And they called you a day or two after to know how comfortable you were in those materials and offered to make changes should you feel they don’t fit in exactly what you wanted. Won’t you want to go back there again?

Indeed, creating magic experience is the secret of customer loyalty. Always wanting to do business with you because, they seem not to get the same service elsewhere and perceive your business as truly caring. The underlying success of creating magic experience in business lies in its uniqueness.

You must create a way to always touch the customer the way it has never been done before. The timing must be precise. It doesn’t have to happen ton every customer the same way.

Look into your business from the perspective of a customer and then draw out inferences as it relates to creating experiences that lingers. Don’t hesitate to ask your customer directly. There are pull of insight to get freely from this if done by yourself-business owner.

Remember, we are in people’s business. Treat your customer more than the way you would have loved been treated.

Francis 'Toke
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