The truth is, not many businesses give a thought at developing a unique selling promise let alone having one. The salient competitive advantage you have that makes customer prefer your service or product to your competition is what I called unique selling promise. Other marketers may call it ‘unique selling proposition’, ‘unique selling advantage’ or ‘unique buying advantage’.

Developing a unique value in business should be the starting point in quality service delivery. Why should someone buy my product instead of others? The underlying answer is uniqueness. Customer will always flow in the direction of business that sincerely solves their problem in a way that best suit them.

So, developing a powerful USP and delivery on it is the reason why customer will always queue up to buy your product.

How can we develop a unique selling promise?

Ask your customer

The first thing to do is seek to know the fears, concern, desires or considerations of your customers regarding your business. Ask as many as possible and you may soon find a trend develop. Please, do this yourself- Business owner. It is far better to get involve in market survey than contracting it to a third party. Removing these fears and concern may be the uniqueness they need.

Be unique

Address the fears and desires of your customer in a unique way. Offer solutions from a new angle. Desist from being a commodity. This is the secret of commercial success.

Showcase your USP

If you’ve developed a USP, then make it visible for people to see. Embed it within the flow of transaction, promotions and adverts. On frandimore for instance, we clearly stated our USP as ‘Your Success, Our Passion’ because, the passion to see people succeed in business has been our driving force. And when you look through our products and services, you’ll agree that we are indeed passionate about your success both online and offline within our content delivery for our blog readers and our niche for our clients.

So, let people know your USP. Shout it loud and be confident about it.

Don’t promise what you can’t deliver

Don’t be hysterical to offer what you can not deliver in bid to get a powerful unique selling promise. It will harm the existence of the business and may further nail the brand image you’re trying to build. Let USP be tailored to the concern of customer about a product.

Test your USP

It is imperative to test a USP for effectiveness especially if it is just developed. Sometimes, it takes time to get the one that best appeal to the yearnings of both prospective and potential customers. Test it in brochures, promotions and adverts. Check or compare customer responses, study closely how they navigate and relate with the new offer. What is the conversion rate and relative ROI vis-a-vis the former approach?

Please, note that USP is product or service specific. It implies that a business can have more than one USP. Apart from ‘Your Success, Our Passion‘ on frandimore, our WordPress free installation service portrays “We don’t stop until you are satisfied“; Blogger blog setup and customization services promised “free blogger designed professionally“; our plantain chips outfit delivered “deliciously fascinating“.

If you don’t have a USP, please try and develop one now. A business minded individual including blogger should start looking inwardly and bring out that service they offer that makes them unique. That is the starting point of business success. We have to be unique to have an edge in this competitive environment.

Francis 'Toke
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