The underlying reason a business of any size would setup a blog is to get more customers in addition to those that patronize their brands offline coupled with the mark of authority a formidable online presence can build on business reputation.

In view of these, business blog have been developed primarily to serve as the main source of traffic to a static website because of its huge content penetrative power on social media platform where target customer congregates and then their high ranking features on search engine where customer go to for research purposes, product comparison and service familiarization before taking the decision to buy.

The dynamism in blog content update and viral content marketing capacity has given blog an edge over static websites. These features make blog dominates major search engines.

Ok! Now that we’ve known that blog has the tendency to influence interaction on social media, rank better on search engine and also have the ability to build a community of network within itself by way of comment.

Let’s see how these can translate to more customers. Before then, it is important I clarify some facts.

#1 FACT: Not all the visitor to a blog can be converted to customer.
#2 FACT: Not all blogs have the structures to convert visitors to customer.
#3 FACT: Audience conversion is not automatic.
#4 FACT: It is much easier getting blog traffic than converting them to customer.
#5 FACT: Much blog traffic is needed to get appreciable number of customer for effective ROI.

From the above facts, it implies therefore that there are things to be done in order to entice visitors to a lead that could be nurtured and converted to customer.

How to convert blog traffic to customer
It is much harder converting blog traffic to customer, but there are so many things that can be done to propel audience to a lead. To do this, you must have product or service to sell and a landing page specially prepared to capture leads.

On this site for instance, there are some things we do presently and steps we plan to take soon in the effort to get more customer. It’s my hope that they would be of help to you.

Useful content. We publish information that is important to our target customer par time. Our target customer is small business owner desiring online presence to boast their sales and broaden market reach.

So, we publish articles on marketing, social media, blog setup and free traffic insight in the way they relate with business growth.

These draw target audience to the site and we find the best word phrase within blog post and link contextually to landing pages where we showcase our products and services.

Visible call to actions. Visitor may not be able to take the initiative to find links to a product even when they’ve been excited to buy. Creating visible links at strategic places to landing pages would aid easy access. Below are some of the ways to get these done.

Hello Bar: You can use this plugin to create text base AD and link to a special page.
Fixed side bar AD: Create a banner for your product and place it on the side bar.
Scrolling AD: I love this because, when you put it at the base of side bar it scroll along making it visible all through the down navigation experience especially on blogs with high number of comment.
Navigation link: The header navigation link is another place where a link to special landing pages can be inserted.

Gather as much email as possible. One of the best ways to leverage on monetized blog is to collect emails from different sources within the site.

The more email list you have, the more the number of lead that can be nurtured and converted to customer. There are basically four ways by which blog owner collects email.

Through popup: Tools like PopUp Domination and Pippity could be used to create popup signup that shows up to first time visitors. A compelling give away offer like eBook could boost the number of people that would be willing to sign up at this stage.
Through side bar: Place a subscription box somewhere on the sidebar with a simple text note that draws confidence, purpose and desire.
Through post content: At the end of blog post, a subscription box could be embedded with an offer of free eBook for download immediately after confirmation of signup. Aweber or MailChimp could be used for this purpose.
Through comment box: Naturally, email is required to post a comment on a blog post. Encouraging blog readers to post comment can be a worthwhile effort.

Banner Advertising. It is a good idea to re-market audience through banner ad so that when they browse sites randomly they would see your advert. This has a way of building confidence and it is a pose of reminder.

You may use services like Retargeter or Perfect Audience to streamline ad base and reach targets. However, you should be mindful of what you pay as CPM and it is advisable to wait until you get handsome traffic before embarking on this.

From my experience, traffic is a key focus to getting more customers from blog. The more traffic you corner to your blog post the more the chances of converting them to customer. But, it’s important to make the site ready for customer in terms of design, navigation, content and landing pages.

How do you get customer to your special landing pages or static website? Do you find it easy generating maximum return on your blog? I’d like to know in the comment box below.

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Francis 'Toke
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