One of the major criteria of a successful blog is the ability to stand out among million other blogs. In this era where hundreds of blog are springing up on daily basis, we have to do more than the usual blog setup. Blogging is all about branding, but we have to give it a unique brand that speaks for itself in every facet of its build up.

All the successful blogs I’ve seen and associated with as mentor have this rare quality. It is upon this reality I always go the extra mile to form a chemistry of my own in setting up this blog. However, there are steps that must be taken, things to do and factors that should be adhere to in the process of making a blog stand out.

Connect with your niche: Blog without niche focus would easily be tossed around and content relevancy would be diluted. Brand your blog around your niche and be consistent with it. The resultant effect would be a destination that serves people’s need within those keywords.

Develop personal view point: Nothing seems new anymore, but you can create a new focus angle to a story or invention that would form your own opinion. Don’t be afraid to lead a new conversation. It is the best way to get noticed in a noisy community.

Build a unique voice: People should be able to recognize your style of communication. When you write articles yourself always and blend it to reflect your sincere opinion or knowledge, a unique voice would naturally emerge. I still feel guest post should be doctored before it goes life except if the blog is not a personal brand.

Make it a niche destination: The beauty of a blog is when the information published is touching lives whether directly or indirectly. A niche blog should be a solution point. It should answer core questions about the niche. On this site for instance, I try to provide solution to problems associated with blog setup, social media & marketing. It must be a one-stop-shop.

Get creative with design outlook: Creativity is the soul of blog. The design of a website could be the only initial connecting element on visitors that would inspire them to stick around. Poorly designed website does less in catching the fancy of the eye even when it contains great content. Optimize your template.

The templates available are too general that deeper customization has to be done to make it your own. The color combination, logo structure, page navigation and side bar blending are factors to consider in making website stand out.

Make headlines catchy: Apart from web structural design, the only thing a visitor might take away could be the punchy title of a web page. This happens to me countless number of times. A headline may continue to resonate in my mind even for days.

Often time, the click through rate of a well ranked post on search engine is determined by the title tag. Catchy headline has a way of connecting a website to visitor’s memory. Do your best to post title catchy.

Post consistently: It is important we allow our passion find expression in our creative spirit while strengthening our sense of focus. We can then begin to get prolific in writing articles that would serve audience need at all time.

The target is to ensure visitors find great resources on our blog to better equip them always. This would motivate them to patronize the blog until they become loyal customer. This is the product of a unique blog.

Hang on a mentor: It is a good idea to find a mentor (the owner of a successful blog you look up to in your niche) that can walk you through the early crisis of beginning a blog. It can be hard getting one that would have the patience to do this because, they seems to have tight schedule.

However, you can build the site to an extent, enroll for training courses related to your niche, read books and follow your mentors closely. This is what I did to build this blog. Learning is a continuous process in the art of blogging. Doing these would afford you the opportunity of taking the site to an appreciable extent so that you can have easy ride with your mentor.

Be resolute to succeed: It takes time, determination and perseverance to make a blog successful especially the one built from scratch. The joy I have is that it will be successful. I draw strength from this when the journey seems long.

No matter the level your blog may be right now, I want you to know that it can be rated as one of the most popular and successful blog soon than you can imagine. The journey starts when you put your best in action exploring your creative mind to make your blog stand out.

I sincerely feel some cogent points were innocently omitted. These are what I do and believe will make my blog unique. Let me know yours. I want to learn. No one is an epitome of knowledge, remember. Your point could be the one omitted innocently.

Francis 'Toke
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