The continued dramatic and unprecedented blend of traditional forms of marketing with online marketing model has given rise to new market perception. It is an agreed fact that internet now rule our world, even naturally.

The prospective customer who are indeed the target market and audience have found it useful as medium for socializing, sharing, conducting in-depth research work, connecting with friends and loved ones,  product interaction and service engagement that placed search engine as a potent link to product and services today.

Then, the ease and convenience of connecting via mobile devices is a confirmation that our world will continue to revolve around it.

In the cause of these inter-activities, ideas are shared, trend formed, awareness is created, people are influenced and decisions are taken. Penetrative marketing is easier in an atmosphere where these are propagated.

This has invariably increase business demand for online marketing- You surely want to showcase product and services where target customer congregates.zmot

But this has unveil a path of truth that may soon explode which Google term ‘The Zero Moment of Truth‘- the new truth about the changing trend of customer behavior in the process of buying circle.

You need to get the eBook for proper assimilation. This phenomenon have triggered in-depth foresight that already infested the world of online marketing and the shape of business at large.

Current Realities About Online Marketing

Stronger Competition

In dear need to edge out in the current realities, marketers have found internet as a veritable platform to reach out to potential customers. This has overtime increased the number of website on the net so much so that about 5billion sites are envisaged by 2020.

The truth here is that more businesses are still finding their way to creating online presence in the seemingly super saturated environment. It then implies that the competition will be getting stiff and rigorous.

Solution– Target service delivery to the need of customer and be unique in your offer no matter what it takes.

Online Presence

The hold you have on audience and the awareness created within service community is the testimony that would build trust overtime especially on social media.

The chances are that the effort needed to create this presence is becoming harder and tough to maintain in the face of too many site jostling for the same target audience, let alone Facebook intense monetize drive on promoted post delivery to fans.

Solution– Keep the game fresh and exciting. Widen the scope of reach. Engage fans in multiple streams of social networks and increase advertising horizon if you can.

Cost of Advert

In a level play ground, their exist competitiveness that encourage dominant demand than supply of the ‘favored’ product. A situation where demand is more than supply, consistent increase in price is inevitable.

The cost of online advertisement would unsurprisingly be on the increase especially on the dominant platforms like Google, Yahoo, Facebook, etc.

Solution– An individual or small business outfit who may not have the financial capacity for this increase can target keyword used by audience in writing ‘how to’ articles, product review and other useful tips.

One of the simple ways is to type the service or product offered into say Google search engine box. The auto suggestion list that comes out is targeted by the audience within that niche.

So, all that is required is to tailor posts to those keywords. This is an insight shared by Bright Park, Strategic Partner Development Manager at Google.

Offline Engagement Vs Search Engine

According to Bright, it is now a trend to experience increased search on major search engines whenever there is a lofty offline engagement like new TV show, product advertisement, brand awareness etc.

Prospective customers tend to use search engine to acquaint themselves with details of the product or services offered before proceeding to the buying stage.

This is so because; internet is closer, more friendly, convenient and cheap.

Solution– It then implies that business must find ways of showing up on search engine for their product keywords, otherwise this would mean lost in sales link.

Search engine therefore has become a formidable link medium that close-up sales targeting for ultimate conversion.

It is no longer enough to solely engage customer offline without a complimentary online marketing effort that guarantee continuous patronage and multiple opportunities on wider spectrum.

But the truth is that, this has left ripples of intense competitiveness that would continually position audience and customer/buyer in the vantage position.

A trend that has made service provider offer best service and quality product in a unique way in order to have a grip on customer and also attract new ones.

In view of these, business must get online faithfully and setup a blog for effective product marketing and communication while engaging audience with quality information for excitation across networks that would eventually propel the buying desire.

Francis 'Toke
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