Google search engine has overtime been paraded as the one stop destination for any information you want. They supply useful and detail result link for any keyword ever searched for, better than any other search engines.

This effort made them have so many loyal customers globally so much so that a slogan has been carved for the service- ‘Google it’. If you ask your friend something they don’t know chances are that they’ll tell you to Google it.

As much as Google is versatile in producing links that answer any kind of questions, must it be used to retrieve answers you already know? I heard somebody said; ‘I need to confirm’. Great!

What about using Google to search for terms like;
‘Am I hungry’
‘What is my name’
‘How do I look’

Sound funny? That’s what some people have been using Google to do. Yes! I do search for weird things too on Google, but definitely not like the terms above. I wonder how Google would produce those results accurately anyway. Well, anything can happen in a world of possibility.

Below are more unbelievable words Google users search for on the internet. This infographic by Search Factory will make you laugh your ribs out. Don’t hold back, it’s good for your health.
What Google Search Egine Should Not Be Used For

Francis 'Toke
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