The computer gadget, the laptop and Smartphone devices we use to access the internet all metamorphosis from TV screen. They are a way of revolutionize our world, making it better and more convenient to do thing.

We look on the screen of these devices whenever we access the internet as if we watch a soap opera on TV. We get glued to it whenever we need it for one thing or the other especially for social media posting, chatting, read & compose mails, retrieve information and so on.

The trace of view of the eye when we look through a website always run through to the right, down to the middle and beyond having an ‘F’ or ‘E’ sign. This inform why most websites place the most important information they want the audience to see on the right and down towards the middle.

Look at Facebook, Yahoo and Google home pages. Their log in and sign up forms are on the top right and down middle. That is why we find it easy to locate and access even when you’re visiting for the first time.

NoWorryWeb designed an infographic that prove this point beyond reasonable doubt. Study the hypothesis and use the inference to your advantage on your website. This will save you tons of time required to do split testing to confirm this fact.

Remember, when design meet content, engagement is inevitable because looks is really everything when it comes to using website to access information online.

Francis 'Toke
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