We often need to attract and retain the good and even the bad clients in order to stay afloat in business. The fact still remain that the level of success of any business is directly proportional to the number of happy clients in its customer database.

It therefore implies that our target must hinge principally on making happy clients that would be satisfied with our product or services.

This can pose a big challenge to us as business owner knowing fully that there would be different kinds of client that may come our way in terms of behavior, temperament and personality.

Maintaining a parallel relationship with every customer would definitely push us out of our comfort zone. This is good for the business and the staff involve because it would drive us to produce the best result and thereby increase our knowledge base if we gladly take up the challenge.

However, there are some clients no matter how you try to please them, they are never satisfied. They are not really bad clients though.

From my experience, it could be that the terms of contract and the timeline was not well defined and properly communicated, or probably assume the product under deliver their expectation (Buyer’s Remorse). Some could be lack of proper coordination and gross inexperience on the kind of service they wanted.

Whichever way, we don’t subscribe to firing bad clients. The same client could turn out to be the unpaid moving advert for your business if you go out of your way and business norm to make the customer happy and satisfied. You must know how to deal with adjudged bad clients to get the best from them.

It is imperative to identify the purchase mode of an intending client. They exhibit salient character at the verge of making decision to buy. This would guide you of what to expect from the customer’s lifetime journey if he or she ever convert to customer. You may choose not to take up the job if you’re not prepared for the foreseen eventualities.

Below are two infographics from Geek Studio and Visual.ly that reveal some of the characters that good and bad clients can put up in work environment.

Good Vs Bad Clients
Below is another infographic that revealed the relationship that exits between good and bad client from the perspective of an average internet marketer.
The Good And The Bad Clients

Francis 'Toke
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