Businesses that understand the rhythm of twitter do not only make the best use of it but exploit the tools to their business advantage.

You need to know how Twitter works before you can use it in ways that can make it affect your business positively.

Most people feel there is no significant impact a 140 text character campaign can have on their business. Little do they know that there is ultimate power in those limited text.

If you have run text advert on Google (Adword) you would know that you can still carve impactful messages within short text.

So, the best thing is to figure out how to use the numerous tools on twitter to enhance your marketing.

For instance, you can implement Twitter Card on your website so has to enhance both the share rate and click through rate of your tweets.

Then, the introduction of Twitter Like Heart button (favorite star button that was changed to like heart button which can also be changed to donut icon or any image you want) can further enhance engagement on the platform.

Below is an infographic by SocialMediaPD that reveals top 20 twitter marketing tips for business.

Francis 'Toke
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