Automatic direct messages are sent on Twitter as a way to keep tap with necessary updates and conversations which otherwise would be lost or pretty hard to followup.

This is the same as setting up an auto responder on your email account. This is good for effective communication and customer service relationship where little gap in communication might lead to breach of trust in the event of acquiring and retaining clients.


“Prospective customers are touched online by brands 8 times before they make purchase” ClickToTweet.

Twitter was built in a way that it help facilitates efficient customer relationship process. When Twitter is combined with other tools that integrate with it properly, what you get is an articulated communication system.

One of such tools is TwitterDMer. This tool allows you to set automatic direct message for new followers on Twitter. I shall discuss more about how to use it later on this post. For now, let’s dwell on principal things to look out for when automating direct messages on twitter.

What to look out for when automating direct messages on Twitter

1. Be personal
People followed you because they want to connect with you or your brand. Getting personal with your followers then becomes imperative.

Send messages that would further connect them with you or your brand in a way that it benefits them.

2. Send important message
Know that your reputation is always at stake whenever you communicate with people whether visitors or clients. Carve content that would further enhance your credibility and niche authority.

3. Don’t make it promotional
A direct message to new follower on twitter shouldn’t be promotional in nature at all. It should be a simple way of saying “thank you” and also a means of showing appreciation which you can do through a free gift like eBook or coupon code or link to a premium resource on your blog.

4. Use short links
Direct messages must also obey the default 140 character rule on Twitter. So, wisdom permits that you write concise and direct message with shorten URL using services like Bitly.

5. Respond to reply’s promptly
It’s not unlikely that a handful of your new followers will respond to the DM you sent to them. Failure to respond on time could be adjudged absurd because you initiated the discussion in the first place.

Quick response would only help to further project and enhance your brand reputation and credibility.

Now, let me walk you through how to setup TwitterDMer for automatic direct message delivery on twitter.

How to use TwitterDMer for automatic direct message on TwitterTwitterDMer

It is really simple to setup automated DM on TwitterDMer. All you need to do is to log in to the platform and you’re good to go. Apart from its simplicity, it also allows three customizations on content formation box that’s more or less like shortcode.

These shortcodes are for firstname, website and location. These take up the twitter data of the new followers as it pertains to the three shortcodes if used within the message.Auto DM on TwitterDMerFor instance:
Follower’s name = {firstname}
Follower’s website = {website}
Follower’s city = {location}

You’ll see a practical example of how to use these codes and a sample of how they render on recipient message box on twitter. Study it to construct your automated DM.

When you’re satisfied with the message crafted, click on the button at the extreme bottom that says “enable twitterdmer”. That’s all. TwitterDMer would then begin to send DM to new followers automatically.

Conclusion: TwitterDMer allows you to promptly keep in touch with new followers as fast as possible. This makes them feel you care and appreciate them.

Doing this on regular basis and responding to their messages will no doubt boost your image or brand credibility which would ultimately increase sales down the line. What do you think?

Francis 'Toke
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