Building a website for your business is not enough for business growth. You need to engage in consistent online marketing in order to make it attract your targeted audience.

In my experience as web developer, most of the clients we designed website for in Nigeria for instance, thought that all that is needed to attract new customer online to their business is a website. Yes that is partly true. But little do they know that they also have to create strategic process that would connect the site to prospective customer.

It is one thing to build a website that is attractive and functional enough to capture lead (customer), but it is another thing entirely too to direct people to it. Until you direct people to your site, lead would not be captured let alone been nurtured through the path of conversion.

The strategies involve in making targeted audience locate your website is called online marketing. Just the way you need to advertise your brick & mortar business to prospective customer so also is your website.

Why do I have to market my website when I can just advertise the business directly offline?

Good question. But the danger of marketing your business directly offline without engaging in digital marketing where website holds a deep pivot is that, apart from failing to connect your business with potential customers online you’re also running the risk of losing them on the verge of stiff competition especially to those that have functional website.

You have to leverage of digital marketing in this internet of things if you desire the best ROI in your marketing effort. This is what Google called the ‘Zero Moment of Things’ (ZMOT).

However, digital marketing is an art you have to master as business owner or better still you may contract that aspect to an agency. Below are 7 most important online marketing strategies you might have to deploy in order to connect your website to the main stream of your targeted audience. The infographic was created by Eliv8 Group titled “Simple guide to online marketing”.

You may also read “The Beginner’s Guide to Online Marketing” by Neil Patel & Ritika Puri for deeper understanding of what to do, how to do it and the result to expect.

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Francis 'Toke
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