Digital advertising has really come to stay as the potent means online marketers use to wow targeted audience to product and services.

We are all use to the traditional banner advert we see on web pages and it seems they are beginning to outlive their purpose because the click through rate has dropped drastically.

Why? It’s simply because they have become familiar phenomenon.

To get maximum return on every advertising effort, we must find a way to change the style and positioning of advert in a world that is fast changing and progressively dominated by youthful mind that always crave for change.

IDG in the infographic below, pointed search light on how native advert is better than the traditional banner advert we are used to.

Don’t forget to get a website for your business where you can build a landing page for your campaign since advert is limited to accommodate all the ingredients needed for conversion.Marketers Insight

Francis 'Toke
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