There are business opportunities that are so near with great prospect that some can be explored with little or no start-up capital. With hard work and consistency in self discipline to ensuring success, these businesses can be nurtured into everlasting money making ventures.

Many people have started one business or the other from scratch and today they are self made millionaires. Before starting a business though, you have to be fully motivated and convinced of the venture before committing yourself, your finance and time into it. More so, the market availability must be such that guarantee continuity and ROI.

Here are 5 different types of business you can invest in, either on part time or full time basis and then, grow it to an empire. This will reduce the stress of looking around for business opportunity. It’s part of our legacy on Frandimore.

Mail Order Business

Mail order business is all about been able to sell creative ideas, products or services to potential buyers via mail. It’s sometimes called digital product.

People crave for information on diverse topics. If you can package specialized information majority of people are interested in and then compile it in form of report, manual, eBook, CD, DVD, etc, and make it available to them at relatively cheaper price. You’ll soon be on your way to riches.

It is better to narrow down subject of discussion on ‘how to’ on a particular topic. For instance, I wrote a report on plantain business in Nigeria. I’ll soon write on how to blog effectively and smile home with dollar working for Google. These are my area of expertise.

You most create a perfect sales letter that is compelling, published via a website and compilation of mail list of potential customers. The success of the business on each transaction will be measured by the number of people that place order and make a purchase.

If 20% of 5,000 mail list you have responded and make purchase at say $15 per copy. It implies that you’ve made $15,000. The start-up capital is low. The report may not be more than 20-30 pages and the product is self duplicated if downloadable. What is most important is the resourcefulness of the material.

Medical Transcriber Business

Do you have good typing skill and knowledge of medical diagnostic procedure and terminologies? If yes, then this is a business for you. What you need is just a computer and transcribing machine.

As a transcriber, you’ll need to listen to CD’s which describes patent care, lab reports, operations, procedures and autopsies. This information will be entered to a computer.

Your target markets are doctors, hospitals and lawyers who handle medical disability cases. You may also partner with other transcriber to source for more clients.

Word Processor

This business can be started with a computer with installed word-processor software. A good typing skill is required for optimal performance and customer satisfaction.

A happy customer will definitely refer other people. You’ll be engaged with jobs like typing letters, book manuscript, legal briefs, business reports, screen plays, etc.

It’s possible to combine medical transcription with this if you have the speed and capacity. Advertising via local media and website is expedient for marketing purposes.

Resume Writing

This business idea has great market potential going by the number of unemployed people in our society and the rate at which schools are turning out graduates compare to available opportunities per time. Then, the desire of employed people who want to change job is high.

The success secret of the business is in the ability to research and provide clients with professional, creative, error free and up-to-date resume. A satisfied client will refer another. You may also want to advertise the service through printing of fliers and on local news paper.

The setup of website would be about the best idea in marketing effort. The website can showcase employment opportunities and tips for employment interview.

Catering Services

Who say you can not turn your hobby into profitable business venture? My wife for instance loves cooking and she has turned it into money making venture on part-time basis.

The proceed accrued yearly almost double her quarterly income in her corporate job. The beauty of the business is that you don’t really need any capital to start. Once your prospective client is satisfied with your proposal, a down payment for all the material needed will be paid or better still, all the necessary materials will be provided.

You just walk in there and do the cooking, serving, and then tidy up afterwards.

Apart from this, you can provide menu hub services to people who are too busy to cook at home yet want to eat delicacies at the convenient of their home.

Though, it can be stressful if this service has not been developed into hobby. The driving force must be never to see people hungry, but served with the best delicacies and not about the money.

A website should be setup to showcase these dishes incorporating order form, delivery time and location.

Please, embark on feasibility study on the business you want to start so as to get deeper information and resources because, business is dependent on need and requirement irrespective of location. When a website is setup for the business, it will help breach the gap.

We provide website setup services on WordPress and Blogger absolutely free should you want a website for your business. It is important to reach prospective customer where they congregate to connect. Its the new paradigm shift in marketing.

Francis 'Toke
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