Have you been over-whelmed by the thought of how you can use your website to make money effectively? Yeah, I have been in such situation before. The good part is there are so many ways by which you can make money with your website so much so that you will have to choose among many the one that will convert better for your niche and the kind of traffic you have (your audience). It is therefore super possible to make much money using your website as platform.

But, without significant traffic coming to your website or blog, the positive effect you expect from it may not be noticeable because you need people to take desired actions on your website. The more the people that takes such actions, the more your income.

It then implies that, the first step towards making money online is getting traffic to your site. Read our posts on traffic insight category for tips and tricks that would help you get millions of target audience.

As soon as you have reasonable number of traffic, you can then begin to convert them to paying customer. The infographic below will give you insight into how you can use available monetizing resources to make money from your website or blog and the strength of their money making capacity.

How to monetize your website

How To Monetize Your WebsiteYes, Google Adsense is about the simplest and easiest form of monetizing channel, but it doesn’t convert much for sites that do not have much traffic and your niche is a major deciding factor on what you earn per click. My best money making channels are affiliate programs and product development like eBook or software creation.

Learn to create a product; it makes you earn more money and lots of qualified back links. Just ensure you develop quality product that is needed.
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