No doubt you must have noticed a decline on your Facebook page’s organic reach just as everyone else have experienced it in shock back then.

This seems to be what we shall continue to live with if we want to continue to use Facebook as one of the ways to connect with new audience or nurture existing fans and customers. This is unpleasantly so because Facebook have not stop to tweak it’s algorithm in favour of promoted post and advert at the expense of organic post delivery on fans news feed where the actual interaction and engagement take place.

What this means is that you have to pay to get maximum exposure for your posts. Although, it’s really cheap if you compare the cost to the benefits assuming you know how to target your audience for specific purpose. The fact that you can set a daily budget as low as one dollar ($1) and also pause an ongoing campaign make this offer accessible to everyone irrespective of the size of your business whether start-up or existing small-scale business.

However, it may not be cost effective at the long run to always boost any kind of post on your Facebook page. Why? It’s simply because not every kind of posts are targeted on conversion. What do you do in such case scenario? The answer is to find smart ways to increase the organic reach of the content.

Below is an infographic by Neil Patel that explained actionable ways you can improve your Facebook page organic reach without stress and get maximum result.
Facebook Organic Reach

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