It is amazing to discover that most business websites do not have a blog and those that have barely maintain it. Even those in the service niche (B2B) where blogging can lend credence to their expertise hardly blog. Maybe they are not just cut out for it.

Let truth be told. It can be time consuming and pretty hard to maintain a blog consistently if you do not have passion for it or what you do.

Sometimes, you might have passion for the service you offer, but may not really have the time to go the extra mile to provide in-depth information for your proposed clients and existing customers even before they request for it.

Again, it takes time to get the traction and traffic that can propel the growth of business either directly or indirectly from blog in terms of customer acquisition & retention and brand visibility.

However, if you can shake-off these impediments and start blogging on your business website, it would have positive impact on your business.


– Your audience will trust your competence and then gradually turn to customer.

– It would enhance business credibility.

– It has the capacity to increase your keyword rank on SERP (Search Engine Rank Page). This effort will connect your business with thousands of potential customer.

– It can ignite customer loyalty.

Apart from these, there are other benefits of blogging for business which Neil Patel highlighted below on the infographic titled: “How blogging affects your bottom line“.

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Francis 'Toke
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