What does value proposition mean to your business? You might want to ask? Value proposition is the core reason you think people should prefer your business instead of your competitors.

It is the extra value you provided that gives your business an edge in the market place. This may sometimes be referred to as the competitive advantage or your unique selling point.

Every business needs to herald this unique value and it must be seen to colour every segment of operation and business activities. This implies that you should deliver what you promised. That will only keep you in business forever because you’ll gain the trust of your customer.

So, how do you carve out a compelling value proposition that would make your prospective clients prefer your product or services? Most times, it is possible that you’ve been offering this unique value without really saying it. It may just be hidden within the fold.

It’s about time you project it on your brand and make your customers know it’s really your unique value that differentiate your brand among competing businesses.

However, it can be daunting to come up with a compelling value proposition especially if you don’t desire to go extra mile to satisfy your customer. Remember, every business is the same. It is the ‘extra’ that makes the difference.

Below is an infographic by Neil Patel that will guide you on how to write a great value proposition for your business that would keep customer glue to your brand.

Francis 'Toke
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